Everage Design, Inc. has been creating romantic and timeless interiors for sophisticated clients since 1986. Their Santa Monica studios combine John and Krista Everage's artistic and refined aesthetic with their resourcefulness and client-pleasing work ethic.

Krista has a five-year B.S. degree in Interior Design while John holds a Masters degree in Fine Art form the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. From conception to lighting and cabinetry design, to furniture and art installation, Everage Design's expertise and dedicated staff covers all the aesthetic and practical details to bring a project from concept to move-in day.

Projects are all one-of-a-kind, and feature Everage-designed furnishings and lighting, and art collections curated for the spaces and aesthetic of the client.

Our clients are coast-to-coast, and have in common a zest for life and appreciation of the importance of how a beautiful, comfortable, and functional interior enriches and gives depth to their lives.

Recently Krista was honored by the Robinson Gardens as a "Garden Tour Star". You can read the article here.