Little did we know when we hired John and Krista that we would spend the next three years in an extraordinary personal partnership centered on the creation of our dream home. We could see their talent and versatility from the photos in their portfolio, and we knew that our architect who recommended them did so based on his own experience with them for a previous client. But nothing could have prepared us for the joyful experience of working with these gifted designers who are artists in their own right and whose technical knowledge, great listening, artistry, experience and diligence puts them in a league of their own.

Our home has been under John and Krista’s careful and loving guidance for three years, from furniture plans at the onset of construction through the development of a whole-house aesthetic and the selection and procurement of mostly all items inside and out. Their extensive technical knowledge in every aspect of color, finishes, construction, scale and materials, coupled with a carefully vetted group of artisan craftspeople, has produced a finely orchestrated, sophisticated and multi-layered interior with some extra wishes thrown in such as the limestone carvings set into our stone exterior, antique doors from France that needed a lot of work to become our front door, and a staircase wall of stained glass windows created from antique French painted panels.

If you are reading this testimonial because you are wondering, as did we, if John and Krista are the right designers for you, all we can say is an emphatic “Yes”!

Deb and Irwin Feinberg, Client

"Krista and John Everage were thrown for a loop when they took us on as clients. They had designed many amazing spaces and we took them on a journey that has undoubtedly driven them crazy. What came out of it is a space, an entire home, that is magical. We told them "Gramercy Park Hotel, New York," and what they came up with hit it out of the park. Gramercy would be jealous.

First let me say that our home is round. There are no square corners. Almost every single piece of furniture was designed by Krista and John and built by their amazing, and long-term, craftsmen to fit our space specifically. They know anyone and everyone and they make things happen. P.S. Every piece of furniture is amazingly comfortable AND gorgeous- it fits every person to a T but looks like it could care less about comfort and is just shouting "I should be in a magazine! Screw actual comfort for those things called people."

Krista and John took care of every detail and stayed late into the night to make sure things were perfect, on multiple occasions. Their design ability is fantastic. Their personalities are wonderful and they take their job very seriously. We have enjoyed them so much and are happy to now call them friends.

On a side note, we are in northern California and they are from LA. They regularly got bids for things from their LA contacts and local SF companies . The LA contacts, even with travel and hotel stays, were a much better price than the local companies. Krista and John know how to get the job done and they do it so, so, so well. Hire them. It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make."

Maribeth Portz and David Wanek, Client

"The Everage Design team was fantastic in converting my scattered vision for my home and turning into something tangible and stunningly gorgeous. They have a great understanding for scale and design, with an impeccable attention to detail and lifestyle sensitivity (I have 4 children and a dog). They asked all the right questions, always showed up happy and were always very professional. They were conscientious of sticking within the budget and sensitive to deadlines. Working with them was a wonderful experience. I am living in my dream home, thanks to John and Krista Everage!"

Evelyn Hou, Client

"My experience with Everage Design was extraordinary. Krista and John worked with me on the design of most of my house. Krista herself designed many unique and amazing pieces of furniture and worked with me to select gorgeous antiques that are timeless and exquisite and harmonized all. She has such an eye and such talent. They were also sensitive to our budget, our family history and our taste. The color themes and quality are so beautiful and we have been so happy, we are constantly reminded of her creativity and artistry."

Jennifer Bellah Maguire, Client

"John and Krista are a great team and their work speaks for itself. They are highly talented and dedicated professionals. Through their selective eye and the ability to design and craft custom pieces they create thoughtful interiors that complement the architecture. You would be well advise to work with them."

Paul Brant Williger, Architect